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Has anyone ever been in the fandom long enough that they've seen the first few months of the fandom that wasn't screwed up and no one cared about shipping wars and just watched for the history and the bishies?
Was that even what the fandom was like during the first few months? Tell me, what was it like?


I've been to Tumblr blogs and I've been to hate groups and I've seen and encountered ignorant weaboos. 

OK, first, let's tackle the 'fact' that anti-groups are useless and a waste of time.

Guess what, fellow Hetalia fans, it is not.

Alright, look at it in a broader, more... realistic way. See, have you ever turned on the television to find that the events on the news are... Um, for example, a protest against a clammy and corrupt government. Then this protesters form a group. Let's label it, 'Anti-insert nationality here- Government Group'. And most of the time, you say:

"Oh my God! Such a corrupt government. I'll support this anti-group to get rid of this foul government."

However, why is it that when we form something as an anti-insert pairing or character here- group, you rant about it and say it's a waste of time? And this is a very small matter compared to the given example? It is that group's opinion and you can't force them to change their view on what they believe is right and wrong. It's a gathering of people who agree on one opinion. Don't butt in on their activities and type something mean. That makes you look one hell of a bastard. 

Then the anti-character thing.

'Ermagherd, you hate/like -insert name of character here-? You're such a weirdo.'

People may hate certain characters. The reasons might be, because he/she isn't kawaii desu, he/she has a strange, unattractive personality, or he/she is a cockblock to your favorite pairing. 

If you like a certain character that one does not normally like, they might think you're weird. Stick to what you like, don't change just because of someone else's opinion.

If you hate a certain character that most of the fandom likes, they will think you know nothing about the show, or you're weird. You have reasons. Just because the entire fandom likes it doesn't mean you should like it too.

Sure, hate a character. Hate Germany, hate China, hate France, I shan't give any shit. It's your opinion. Hate that character, like that character. It's a free world, people. 

Next, let's talk about this anti-pairing matter.


Just like what I said above in the anti-group thing, it's their opinion. They have reasons for hating it. Whether be it that it's not historically correct, it's not cute, it's not canon, it doesn't make sense, or the more vain reasons, such as it gets in the way of your OTP.

See, this is the reason why people have such a low opinion on us fans. We bicker over such small things. 'MY PAIRING IS BETTER THAN THAT!' and those kind of crap make us look like the hooligans of the Anime fandom. Learn to be decent and respect one another's opinion, mm'kay, darl'n?

I can say anything I want freely. Well, unless if I live in North Korea. I can say, 'Screw UsUk!' without giving a damn at what others think. Because this is my opinion, and this is what I say. I have freedom of speech. You can't judge other people on what they like though, because that's just stupid. I can bash that shitty pairing, man, as long as I don't shove it down other's throats or judge them because they like something I hate. 

Besides, there's no point in doing these Shipping Wars. What Himaruya says, the staff does, and Hetalia happens. It's all in Himaruya's hand to make pairings possible.

'OMG! U HAET -insert pairing here-?! YOU CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE YOU BITCH!!!11!1one!'

This is probably the thing I hate the most in this fandom.

If you have a different opinion or different likes and dislikes with another person, that does not give you a warrant to tell that person to 'go kill themselves'. That makes you look childish and immature.

Clarification of opinion- General

You cannot critique someone on their race. You cannot critique someone on their nationalities.

However, you can critique someone on their religion, on their taste of music, on their favorite color etc.

The reasons being:

  • It is their opinion. What they think is best, is what they want. What they think is bullshit, they hate on it. You can't change it; they aren't your dolls for you to decide what they want. 
You critique someone because they can improve it. However, you can't critique someone like this:

'Geez, you like that band? Might as well go screw yourself.'

Critiquing is for improvement, guys.

  • It's a mere idea. An opinion is merely your idea, whether it be a sincerely held belief (religion) or a simple idea (pairing matters). 

TL;DR: Bitch, don't force your opinions down other's throats and don't tell them to go screw themselves. :spank: revamp 

:iconhappyskipplz: Thanks for reading this, it really means a lot to me! Anything to add here? Inform me! :iconhappyskipplz:


If you'd please, may you read my other Hetalia journals: 

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:iconprussiarollplz: ~kthnkxbye~ :iconprussiarollplz: 
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kiramaru7 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
And as for anti-groups. When it is about an issue that affects people in real life, then it not a waste of time or energy. Like a group of people getting together to protest discrimination for example. When it's on an online community about a show it is a waste of time as it promote nothing but hate & serves no good purpose other than bringing those of a like mind together so they can "spread the word" about why they are hating in the first place which lead to ship & character wars. Think about it...
HestiasFlame Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You raise an interesting point. Thankfully, without flaming it. 
kiramaru7 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
Thank you & you're welcome.
kiramaru7 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
Again you're telling people to like what they want to not force their pairings down other people's throats, but you did just that in your essay on incestuous pairings as well as the one where you state at the end that FrUK is the best pairing there is the one that has the most historical basis for. You cannot have it both ways as it invalidates your arguments.
HestiasFlame Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OK, I did say that. However, on my journal on incestuous pairings I do not recall forcing pairings down other people's throats. I was clarifying whether the pairings were incest or not. And the journal on my opinions on Hetalia pairings, I also do not recall saying it was the best pairing. 
"It is, without a single doubt for me, absolutely historically canon"
"single doubt for me"
"for me"
It meant in my opinion, it was historically canon and was indirectly clarifying that /in my opinion/ it was the best pairing. 
kiramaru7 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
Hey There! :D

*nods* What I'm saying is that's the impression I got from reading them & it seemed to contradict what you were saying here.

Actually all those "main" pairings have some basis in history. Spain & Southern Italy have had ties, Italy & Germany were allies during most of WWII (& if Italy hadn't broken that alliance towards the end, they might have been sanctioned just as harshly as Germany was), There is a section of Northern Italy, where the people speak German as well as Italian, Austria & Hungary got together cuz Maria Theresa wanted soem protection from Prussia, who at the time was going form a lil backwater, 2 bit, no one really paid much attention to country to a world power. You have Poland & Lithuania, a pairing dear to my heart as it represents part of my heritage,  & the their alliance.  But as far as story telling goes, Germany & Italy are the best pairing, since that was the first 2 characters  Papa Hima put together, They had a lot of interaction, whether one chooses to see it as friendship or soemthing more. It's the main pairing & therefore canon. We don't as readers yet know if it's just a platonic pairing or a romantic one, since Papa Hima toyed with the idea of a romantic pairing, but left that strip unfinished for the moment. So you cna't rule it out. He has also stated in his blog when a fan asked, that Italy will get his happy ending at the end of the manga. I forget the details if he specifically mentioned Germany or not in regards to that happy ending. It seems very likely though, since he had thrown those two together a lot. We've seen them training together, fighting together, hanging out together, Germany has woken up in bed to find Italy there with him. :XD: (And if they aren't a romantic couple, then that is just creepy-odd on Italy's part. ^^;)

France & England are secondary characters, since the main storyline doesn't focus on them or their relationship to each other. So while the pairing might have more history on its side, their relationship is secondary to the main one. And if you look at the Axis as a group, Japan is secondary to the other two, simply cuz they get more "air time" than he does. It's just how Pap Hima set things up. Someone else could have taken this idea & told it from a different perspective & you would have a completely different set of main characters. One the BEST things about Hetalia is that even though there's a main pairing, there's enough characters & enough history of shifting alliances to come up with any pairing you want. It's total WIN! and it's why ship wars are so senseless when you think about it.
HestiasFlame Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I may be harsh or overact whenever I write on journals.

Why is it only Southern Italy, not the entire country of Italy? That's confusing. Plus, I thought that Prussia and Hungary had no interaction in real life, as implied by someone around Tumblr. PoLiet is adorable but I think that Belarus and Lithuania's relationship should have more depth rather than just a crush and one date because they were in an alliance for months. But I thought no pairings were canon except for AusHun, ChibitaliaXHRE, one-sided RussiaXBelarus, and one-sided LithuaniaXBelarus. I'm just waiting for something to happen with Chibitalia and HRE. (:XD: If a girl suddenly shows up in a guys bed for no reason and they're not in a relationship, then that is just creepy.)

Shipping wars are senseless, and when you get pulled into them, fans will kill each other until one side becomes canon. I guess it is win. If Himaruya manages to keep most of the pairings fanon, either the war will simply just fade or this thing will keep getting worse. 
kiramaru7 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
Awe... :hug:

Historically, Italy was split between the north & South & the North was under control of the Holy Roman Emperor, & the South was a liek a Spanish colony. When you think about it, that's kinda funny, cuz parts of Spain once belonged to the Roman Empire.

It's been years since I've sat in a World history class, but Prussia & Hungary did have some interaction, because Maria Theresa, who was the daughter of the last Holy Roman Emperor (She couldn't hold the title since she was a woman, but her husband did & she was the HRE in all but name) wanted to get back some territory they had lost to Prussai. She made a treaty with Hungary & in the end, she didn't get the territory back. *nods* unfortunately, Belarus was written to want to be only with her brother, Russia, so any relationship with anyone other than him would be OOC. Therefore poor Lithuania gets to have a lil crush & that's it.  (I know, right? :XD:)

I know... sad isn't it? *sighs* Yup although, I get the feeling he will make things canon one way or another in the end. So for now It's enjoy one's fave fanon pairings. :D
HestiasFlame Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's like father, like son... Or like colonizer, like colony... And I did not know that. I mean, HRE was so tiny and Spain is so-- *emphasizes his tallness by waving arms around frantically*

I see. That doesn't sound like much interaction, but it's still interaction. And as for Lithuania and Belarus, at least Lithuania still has a certain Pole... :iconyaypolandplz: 

Yes :meow: But Himaruya should make something happen, because the suspense is killing me! OK let's go back to the fanon world for now. :)
kiramaru7 Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
Yeah. :XD:

Yup. *nods*

:giggle: Yeah! :D

I know, right?! Onwards to fanon! ;p
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